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Kyrene, Tempe Union board races appear set

Amanda Steele

Chandler resident Amanda Steele is a community activist and parental advocate for public schools and students with disabilities, she is a speech therapist and President and co-founder of EPIC Disability Advocacy.

“I am running for the students, for the teachers, and for the community,” she said. Eight years ago, I was a mom on a mission to support my son. I built collaborative relationships and initiated conversations which led me to participate on committees at the school and district level.

I saw the needle moving in the right direction, but realized there was much more work to do, so here I am."

As a society, collectively we are in need of picking up the pieces caused by a global pandemic which impacted all students’ educational experience. Students across the district and state were facing disproportionate achievement scores when assessing at a national level, prior to the pandemic.

“Today more students are showing delays and/or falling further behind in their academics, social emotional well-being and overall development. And teachers are struggling mentally and emotionally from the trauma consumed over the last several years.”

Steele said Tempe Union “would benefit from the accessibility lens I bring as a mother to an autistic adult with an intellectual disability, a neurodiverse woman herself, and an advocate wanting to listen to your voice. I’m a passionate community leader here to inspire impactful change; igniting conversations that shift mindsets to include all.”

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