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Student Outcomes

We need solutions that will inspire students and those guiding them. Solutions start when we include those we wish to represent.

Currently student representation at district level meetings needs to be diversified and expanded upon. When someone feels included, new ideas are created, the lens of what is happening widens, and deeper discussions can bring solutions worth change.

I listen to those I represent in order to best accommodate and provide for each individual learner. Student success and well being will be two of my main priorities if I win a seat on the board.

Teacher Support

Teachers are the most valuable people within our community; their pay, support, and resources are not justified when given the responsibilities we place on them. 

Accessing funding is currently daunting with multiple layers that would benefit being looked at through an accessibility lens. Utilizing untapped funding would assist our students and the educators supporting them.

Bringing educators to the table, including their voices in conversations, and ensuring all teachers and their support staff have equitable access to the resources within the district is a priority to me. 

Educators ignite the brains of our future, through their work our students' potential is fostered. Placing me on the board will spark needed conversations. 

Community Partnerships

We have a need to diversify and educate our future workforce. Students need to know what is out there; where better to look than into local jobs, certificate programs, trade opportunities, and other post-secondary options our future graduates have in their backyard.

It is time we expand conversations and open doors that include more students, educators, and partnerships.

Community collaboration will lead our students into their own neighborhoods; ready to start their post secondary journey towards a profession or educational opportunity that suits their individual interests, abilities, and current readiness.

I want to prepare our next generation of workers. As a board member, I will seek opportunities for businesses and students to work together to prepare for a sustainable and equitable future.

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